I thought you might have some sneaky suspicions so here we are.

Literally who are you?

I’m Taylor! I’m 26, she/her, an Aussie, and from Canberra. I’m a graphic designer/publication designer/web designer who was working from home in her PJs before it was cool (and am sitting at the kitchen bench in my PJs as I type this, in fact). And yes, that is a Belconnen Owl (iykyk) on the benchtop.

Where am I and what is this?

This is The Designer Playbook, the annex to my main business site Origami Graphics, where I sell resources targetted towards designers, not business clients. My main aim here is to produce digital products (I’m talking eBooks, copy-paste resources and courses) to help other designers make profitable businesses they’re proud of. 

Taylor being a derp

So many people want to be their own bosses but struggle, and I also know that not everyone has the balls I do to just go off and do it with the risk of failure and financial ruin hanging over their heads. So by using my painstakingly-crafted resources built from years of experience, I hope you can take a little shortcut by avoiding some of my mistakes and taking just what works instead! 

Can I trust you? Are you gonna scam me?

I’m legit. I know my social media is quite sparse (tbh I’ve been too busy working the past few years to care) but my online presence is about to get bigger. If you’re worried about getting scammed by a random on the internet, remember I’m very transparent about linking back to my mainstay and livelihood Origami Graphics and that you can ABN-lookup me anytime you like. It’s 80 847 271 195 btw. I am not a robot. I can identify all the buses in the grid. Usually.

Also, I have made sure I offer PayPal for that extra layer of security.

Why are your products so expensive? Over $100 for a PDF?

WELCOME to your first lesson in building a profitable business!

Here’s why I charge a minimum of $99 for my products.

  1. I charge by value, not cost. My flagship eBook, 6-Figure Freelancer, will help you earn over $100,000 a year. I spent tens of hours writing it, it’s over 7000 words, and it’s based on thousands of hours of experience. It’ll take hours for you to complete properly. For the value you get out of the purchase – a better chance at a lifetime of financial wellbeing – $169 is nothing.
  2. You 👏 must 👏 respect 👏 your 👏 own 👏 expertise. Pricing yourself like a bargain basement isn’t going to help you, it’s just going to mean people take advantage of you. My experience and my time spent writing is worth being paid well (and yours is too!).
  3. You’re more likely to use the product if you had to think carefully about its purchase. I want my stuff to actually help people, and for that to work, I want people who are serious. I don’t want to be a shop where people download resources without even looking properly, to amass a bank of eLearning stuff they never even open. It’s better for my reputation and for my customers for them to actually think before they buy, and to then use the product properly.

Why's everything in AUD?

I’m Aussie and I charge in Australian dollars! Imagine how we feel in a world saturated with USD. 😉

But you can use the currency estimator in the footer to show a preview of the likely price in USD/EUR/GBP if you like. If you live somewhere else, you can either bite the bullet and buy, accepting whatever the conversion will be (again, something we Aussies do allllll the time), or estimate using a currency converter like xe.com.

I have a question about [insert topic]

Flick me an email at taylor@thedesignerplaybook.net.au.

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