The Complete Client Marketing Checklist [Interactive PDF Planning Resource]


“I’ve started a design business, but I don’t know where to get clients!”

Ever said this? Yeah, we all have. ALL OF US. Now you have the answer. I’ve created this sweet client marketing checklist to make sure you’ve done as much as you can to start pulling in ideal, quality clients for your freelance design business.

Now, you never have to ask that question again. Just look at your checklist and start ticking some boxes instead.

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What's In It?

The Stats:

  • Over 100 actionable items to bring more paying clients into your business
  • “My Ideal Client” definition page for you to plan and target your ideal design client from the outset
  • Divided into 8 sections by marketing channel so you can pick and prioritise
  • Each section broken up into easier, doable, non-intimidating subtasks
  • Pages: 18
  • Single-Page Scroll for easy reading on mobile
  • Nice and light – 462kb


The Sections:

  • Overall Marketing Record
  • My Ideal Client
  • Stream 1: Google Organic Search
  • Stream 2: Google Ads
  • Stream 3: Business Directories and Listings
  • Stream 4: Instagram
  • Stream 5: Facebook
  • Stream 6: LinkedIn
  • Stream 7: Other Social Media
  • Stream 8: In-Person Marketing

Pricing breakdown


More than 100 items to check off to optimise your client marketing efforts
Checklist neatly categorised by platform to help you prioritise
Super manageable, small tasks to take the overwhelm out of marketing
A section for defining your ideal client to make your marketing choices super targeted
Never feel lost for client attraction ideas again!

You in? Heck yeah!

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