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Terms of Purchase

Products sold by The Designer Playbook by Origami Graphics are the intellectual property of designer Taylor Eggleton and cannot be shared or distributed, electronically or otherwise, without written consent.

One purchase is equivalent to one license to use the information within to help your own self and business.

Unauthorised distribution of the files is piracy, infringes against copyright, and is against the law. You may be subject to legal action if you are found to be doing this. And please don’t do it. 🙂 Taking away from another freelancer’s livelihood is not cool and isn’t a good way to get yourself started.


Unfortunately, I can’t offer refunds or returns for change of mind because what I’m selling is digital products which you benefit from the minute you download the file. Since it can’t be returned, and you’ve got access to the product forever, I can’t refund it without a very good reason. Keep this in mind before making your purchase.

If you think something is really wrong, or that your product was not as described, then email me at taylor@thedesignerplaybook.net.au to have a chat and see what I can do. This includes fixing up your file for you, cancelling your order or applying a refund if you are legally entitled to one.

Physical Copies?

Everything I sell is proudly online-only to save paper. I don’t sell physical copies of my products and encourage you not to print them out unless you need to.


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