The Freelancer's Bundle: 6 Figure Freelancer /AND/ 99 Prompts /AND/ the Client Checklist


Save $70 by buying 6 Figure Freelancer, 99 Prompts and The Complete Client Checklist in the same bundle. Neat, huh?

What's In It?

6-Figure Freelancer:

  • 8 tips to hit 6 figures, broken into 8 chapters.
  • 7 digitally-fillable worksheets to help you consolidate and practice your ideas.
  • 54 pages of goodies, including knowledge I’ve never shared anywhere else.


The Contents
  • Are You Sure?
    + Pre-Read Check and My Why’s worksheet
  • Tip 1: Revenue is Not Income
    + Tip 1 Worksheet: Calculating Your Expenses
  • Tip 2: Get Comfortable With Numbers
    + Tip 2: How to Track Your Numbers
  • Tip 3: Start Early
    +  Tip 3 Worksheet: Figuring Out Your Hourly Rate
  • Tip 4: Hooking Your First Clients
    + Tip 4 Worksheet: Marketing
  • Tip 5: You Have To Spend Money To Make Money
    + Tip 5 Worksheet: 5-Year Plan
  • Tip 6: Scaling
    + Tip 6 Worksheet: Scaling Your Biz
  • Tip 7: Clients Can Smell Hesitancy and Mistake It for Incompetence
    + Tip 7 Worksheet: Removing Hesitancy
  • Tip 8: Taking Care of Your Health and Wellbeing
  • One Last Thing: My Favourite Mantras
  • 3 x blank Notes pages for you to write or calculate whatever you like


99 Prompts:

The Stats:
  • Words: 5804
  • 99 Copy-Paste prompts to pop straight into your client emails and customise however you like
  • Pages: 53
  • Single-Page Scroll for easy reading on mobile
  • 422kb
The Sections:
General Process
  • Invoicing for Deposit
  • Starting a Project
  • Sending Over Concepts
  • Helping an Indecisive Client
Turnaways and Cancellations
  • Turning someone away due to low budget
  • Turning someone away because you’re not the right fit
  • Turning someone away because you’re too busy
  • Letting go of a client
  • Responding to being let go of yourself
  • Cancelling a project due to illness
  • Cancelling a project due to disagreement or violation
  • Responding to a client’s project cancellation
Project Problems
  • Managing scope creep
  • Managing lagging deadlines
  • Chasing up invoices
  • Unpaid invoices
  • When a client refuses to pay
  • When a client asks for an extension (answer: yes)
  • When a client asks for an extension (answer: no)
  • Saying no to an unreasonable request
  • When a client’s request is illegal
  • Responding to a good review
  • Responding to a bad review
  • Responding to a so-so or confusing review
  • Asking clients to leave reviews
Structural Changes
  • Raising prices
  • Charging tax for the first time
  • Going away for the holidays
  • Going on maternity or parental leave
  • Going away due to a disaster or bereavement
  • Closing your business down permanently
Inter-Designer Communication
  • You need files from someone’s old designer
  • Someone else has copied your work



The Complete Client Marketing Checklist:

The Stats:
  • Over 100 actionable items to bring more paying clients into your business
  • “My Ideal Client” definition page for you to plan and target your ideal design client from the outset
  • Divided into 8 sections by marketing channel so you can pick and prioritise
  • Each section broken up into easier, doable, non-intimidating subtasks
  • Pages: 18
  • Single-Page Scroll for easy reading on mobile
  • Nice and light – 462kb
The Sections:
  • Overall Marketing Record
  • My Ideal Client
  • Stream 1: Google Organic Search
  • Stream 2: Google Ads
  • Stream 3: Business Directories and Listings
  • Stream 4: Instagram
  • Stream 5: Facebook
  • Stream 6: LinkedIn
  • Stream 7: Other Social Media
  • Stream 8: In-Person Marketing

Pricing breakdown


Minimum 59200% Return on Investment every year once you hit 6 figures
4+ years of experience on strategies that work, shared
Over 10,000 words of knowledge to kickstart or grow your graphic design career
Digitally-fillable and printable worksheets plus convenient copy-paste prompts to save you hella time
I have poured so much blood, sweat and tears into these books you wouldn't believe dude

You in? Heck yeah!

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