6 Figure Freelancer: How to Make 100k+ As a Solo Graphic Designer [eWorkBook]


This is it. This 8-chapter, totally interactive eWorkbook contains all the secrets I’ve used to take my graphic design business Origami Graphics from a university side-gig, to a business which made 6 figures revenue in 2023-24 (while backpacking through Europe!)

And without hiring a single staff member 🙂

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The first time I *actually realised* that I was an expert in freelance design was in late 2020 – when I took on a final-year design intern. For the first time, I was critiquing someone’s work, giving her industry advice, and controlling – with a tick of a “yes” or a “no” – whether or not she was going to pass and be able to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree.

I knew I was an expert, not only because I suddenly had authority I’d never experienced before; but because she was asking me business questions about things I’d figured out in my first years of business, and I could answer every single one of them without batting an eyelash.

(She graduated and now earns a great salary in design and communications, by the way.)

So flash forward to early 2022 – and one morning, I sit down at my living room table, and start typing. I write out absolutely everything I did to start and grow my freelance design business from absolutely nothing to a machine with a power of its own – that lets me work remotely from across the globe, accountable only to myself and my clients.  

This eWorkbook – all 54 pages, 8 lessons, and 7 worksheets of it – is the result. Now you never have to ask those questions again.

Image showing August bookings sitting at over $10,000

Yup, it was the best feeling ever the first time I booked in more than $10k worth of work in one month.

this is for you if:

What's In It?

New edition – updated for 2024!

  • 8 lessons about how to hit 6 figures in revenue as a freelance designer, broken into 8 chapters.
  • Heaps of useful guides and strategies about how I started my business, and grew it from $0k months into $10k+ months.
  • 7 digitally-fillable worksheets to help you consolidate and practice your ideas.
  • 54 pages of goodies, including knowledge I’ve never shared anywhere else.


The Contents

  • Are You Sure?
    + Pre-Read Check and My Why’s Worksheet
  • Lesson 1: What You Make Isn’t What You Take Home
    + Lesson 1 Worksheet: Calculating Your Expenses
  • Lesson 2: Excel and Xero are Your New Best Friends
    + How to Track Your Numbers
  • Lesson 3: The Early Bird Gets The Cash
    +  Lesson 3 Worksheet: Figuring Out Your Hourly Rate
  • Lesson 4: Getting The Engine Started
    + Lesson 4 Worksheet: Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Rethink Your Relationship With Money
    + Lesson 5 Worksheet: 5-Year Plan
  • Lesson 6: From $0 Months to $10k Months
    + Lesson 6 Worksheet: Scaling Your Biz
  • Lesson 7: What You Can Learn From That One Annoying Friend
    + Lesson 7 Worksheet: Confidence
  • Lesson 8: When This All Might Have To Take A Back Seat
  • One Last Thing: My Favourite Mantras
  • 3 x blank Notes pages for you to write or calculate whatever you like


Pricing breakdown


Minimum 59200% Return on Investment every year once you hit 6 figures
4+ years of experience on strategies that work, shared
8 chapters with 7 worksheets, scrollable so you can write as much as you want
Intended for graphic designers (including uni students) who want to start or grow a freelance gig
Not a quick fix - this book is methodical and detailed but isn't magic - don't buy if you're not serious

You in? Heck yeah!

Out of stock

Still not convinced?

Try out the first chapter!

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