99 Prompts To Help With Literally Any Graphic Design Problem [Copy-Paste PDF Resource]


You come across a few client problems over the course of a design career. This book is here to help solve a few of them. 99 ready-made, tried-and-tested responses to save you time and help your business run more smoothly. No more being stumped on what to say, feeling unsure and insecure, or spending half an hour just drafting an email response!

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As freelance designers, we already do way too much unpaid work. 

Even if you earn great money and work with clients who respect and admire you, there will always be jobs to do that are not paid. I’m talking admin time, renewing your insurance, self-development. All these things are necessary to the growth and health of your biz – and they’re unpaid.

But when we’re busy business people trying to make a damn living, why should writing emails take up more of our time than it absolutely has to? ESPECIALLY when we send the same type of thing over and over and over again every single day?

99 Copy-Paste Prompts is here to save you time, by getting you out of your inbox and back into your actual PAID design work work faster. How? By providing easy copy-and-paste, fill-in-the-blanks templates for all of the most common client situations I’ve encountered during my 5 years in business. Just paste into a blank email, adjust the names and details, and send off. No more overthinking, no more wondering-how-to-say-this-politely, no more unpaid stretches of 30 minutes or more trying to craft the perfect response to that person who still doesn’t want to pay their invoice.


this is for you if:

What's In It?

The Stats:

  • Words: 5804
  • 99 Copy-Paste prompts to pop straight into your client emails and customise however you like
  • Pages: 53
  • Single-Page Scroll for easy reading on mobile
  • 422kb

The Sections:

General Process
  • Invoicing for Deposit
  • Starting a Project
  • Sending Over Concepts
  • Helping an Indecisive Client
Turnaways and Cancellations
  • Turning someone away due to low budget
  • Turning someone away because you’re not the right fit
  • Turning someone away because you’re too busy
  • Letting go of a client
  • Responding to being let go of yourself
  • Cancelling a project due to illness
  • Cancelling a project due to disagreement or violation
  • Responding to a client’s project cancellation
Project Problems
  • Managing scope creep
  • Managing lagging deadlines
  • Chasing up invoices
  • Unpaid invoices
  • When a client refuses to pay
  • When a client asks for an extension (answer: yes)
  • When a client asks for an extension (answer: no)
  • Saying no to an unreasonable request
  • When a client’s request is illegal
  • Responding to a good review
  • Responding to a bad review
  • Responding to a so-so or confusing review
  • Asking clients to leave reviews
Structural Changes
  • Raising prices
  • Charging tax for the first time
  • Going away for the holidays
  • Going on maternity or parental leave
  • Going away due to a disaster or bereavement
  • Closing your business down permanently
Inter-Designer Communication
  • You need files from someone’s old designer
  • Someone else has copied your work

Pricing breakdown


AUD $99 - that's $1 per prompt
4+ years of experience on responses that work, shared
Save yourself the headache of wondering what to write - just copy, fill in details, and paste
Help get yourself out of sticky situations without spending valuable time away from your work
Use the prompts as inspiration for writing your own cheat sheets later

You in? Heck yeah!

Still not convinced?

Try out the first chapter!

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